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Prior to 1974 the proposed E3 area was zoned Rural (same as Duffys Forest and Terrey Hills). The minimum lot size was 5 acres.
In 1974, the majority of the land in the proposed E3 area was owned by two major landowners, Hawker-Siddeley owned 2,394 acres and the Department of Lands owned 2,096 acres.
Hawker-Siddeley proposed subdividing their land into a large quantity of small lots (which was allowable under the then current zoning). Because of concerns about the effect of stormwater flowing into Narrabeen Lagoon from the increased development,  the NSW State Government put in place Interim Development Order 51 (IDO51) to temporarily stop development in the area “until such time that detailed planning of the area could be undertaken”.
In 1974 Warringah Council were against the provisions of IDO51.
In a negotiated settlement with Hawker-Siddeley, they handed over the majority of their land to public ownership in return for the permission to build the Austlink Business Park at Belrose. The majority of the land once owned by Hawker-Siddeley has now become Garigal National Park.
When IDO51 was put in place (1974), residents were told that it would take about 6 months to carry out a detailed plan into what should happen to the area, then the restrictions of IDO51 would be lifted. All of the reasons for having the restrictions imposed by IDO51 have gone (as the majority of land it was seeking to protect is now Garigal National Park). 

Click here to see an article from the Manly Daily when IDO51 was put in place.

Click here to see an article from the Manly Daily about Council's viewpoint.

Narrabeen Lagoon drainage: 

Some of the areas in the proposed E3 zone drain to Narrabeen Lagoon. We all wish to preserve this beautiful area. Warringah Council has approved many major developments since 1974 (ie IDO51) which all drain to Narrabeen Lagoon, some of them are:

  • Dawes Road and Perentie Road, Belrose
  • Red Hill
  • Oxford Heights
  • Cromer Rd
  • Maybrook Avenue at Cromer
  • Wearden Road at Frenchs Forest

Stormwater Drainage has changed a lot since 1974. In 1974 developments could get away with no stormwater retention and no treatment of stormwater. These days there are stringent standards on both retention and treatment of stormwater. The retention of stormwater by any properties that do drain to Narrabeen Lagoon would reduce the flooding on the Wakehurst Parkway by storing and slowly releasing stormwater during periods of high rainfall. The treatment of stormwater prior to release would increase the quality of stormwater that drains to Narrabeen Lagoon.
Kimbriki Tip began operating in 1974, and has expanded greatly since opening. It drains to Narrabeen Lagoon. Warringah Council is one of the four council owners of Kimbriki Tip. The proposed Frenches Forest Hospital will most likely drain to Narrabeen Lagoon.


Not all of the proposed E3 areas drain to Narrabeen Lagoon, all land on the western side of Forestway does not drain to Narrabeen Lagoon.  LEP 2000:

Below are links to view the current LEP 2000 (as amended), click on the words below to download the documents:

LEP 2000 Parts 1-4 (PDF 602KB)

LEP 2000 Schedules (PDF 725KB) (including Exempt Development)

LEP 2000 Locality Statement for Belrose North (C8)

LEP 2000 Locality Statement for Oxford Falls (B2)


Preparing LEP's

The Department of Planning issued many Planning Notes to councils to assist them in the preparation of the new LEP's. Click here to see practice note titled "Preparing LEPs using the Standard Instrument" which was issued on 10 March 2011.


LEP 2009 (now called LEP 2011)

To see the copy of the full draft LEP 2009, click here

LEP 2009 Locality Statement for Environmental Management (E3)

LEP 2009 Locality Statement for Primary Production Small Lots (RU4)

LEP 2009 Locality Statement for Large Lot Residential (R5) - This Zoning is not currently included in the LEP 2009, but I have taken this locality statement from the standard template.


Information about the Objections that were lodged about the proposed LEP 2009

Most people who live in the non urban areas of Belrose North, Oxford Falls and Cromer did not know about the public exhibition of the draft LEP 2009, so did not lodge an objection. Some people who did know about it did lodge objections. Click here to see discussion about the objections lodged and the council's comments to the objections. Pages 49 to 56 are the most relevant pages.

It is interesting to note the following comments on page 55:

To achieve the translation of existing provisions five localities (being the A7 Mona Vale Road North, the B2 Oxford Falls Valley, the B9 Mona Vale Road East, the C8 Belrose North and the C10 Mona Vale Road West localities under Warringah LEP 2000) form the E3 Environmental Management zone. The process to identify the appropriate Standard Instrument zone:
• looked at the compulsory Standard Instrument zone objectives;
• considered these against desired future character statements for all localities;
• included additional local zone objectives that capture the intent of the desired future
character statements for the localities that will make up the E3 zone;
• identified Category 1 and Category 2 land uses as (generally) being permitted;
• identified Category 3 and prohibited land uses as (generally) being prohibited;
• considered the built form controls in terms of the outcomes that they are seeking;
• identified all provisions of Warringah LEP 2000 that are replications of State Environmental
Planning Policies and removed these from the translation process;
• considered the Warringah Environmental Constraints Land Map.

So the process did not consider the following important documents:


Minimum Lot sizes

There are two minimum lot sizes used for non urban areas in Warringah Council area. They are 20,000 m^2 (2 hectares) and 200,000 m^2 (20 hectares).

Most of Terrey Hills and Duffy's forest has a minimum lot size of 20,000m^2. Most of Belrose North, Oxford Falls and Cromer has a minimum lot size of 200,000m^2. There appear to be almost no lots that are 200,000m^2 in our localities. Across the road from the proposed E3 area is residential housing which has a minimum lot size of 600m^2.

In the proposed E3 area, the minimum lot size of 200,000m^2 came about because of Interum development order No 51 which was put in place in 1974 as a temporary measure. The minimum lot sizes are impractical as there appear to be no privately held lots that are as large as the minimum lot sizes in our area.

To see council's map of proposed minimum lot sizes, click here


History of Oxford Falls

To see a brief history of Oxford Falls that has been put together by local residents who live in Oxford Falls, please click here.



The information on this website about the proposed zoning of Belrose North, Oxford Falls and the Non Urban areas of Cromer into E3 has been put together with information provided by a lot of other people. Thank you to those people for your help.


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