Warringah Urban Fringe Association Incorporated (WUFA)



Warringah Council meeting scheduled for 27 March 2012

There was an ordinary meeting held at 6:00PM on 27 March 2012 at which there was agenda item 8.12 which discussed options for the Strategic Review into the E3 area. WUFA has had no phone calls or written correspondence (other than the responses to my letters shown below) with any Council or Department of Planning employee about the Strategic Review. This is not through lack of trying (see our letters below).

Click here to see the Agenda Item 8.12

Click here to see WUFA's comments on the agenda item

Click here to see a letter which was sent by the Department of Planning to Warringah Council in 2010 (How could Warringah Council propose doing a Strategic Review without doing the Studies recommended by the Planning Assessment Commission!)

Outcome: Council ended up approving the inclusions of the PAC studies in the scope of the Strategic Review, but did not approve the inclusion of Community representatives on the committee to drive this process, nor did they approve the outsourcing of the Startegic Review to an independant consulating company.


Councillor De Luca put forward a Notice of Motion to have private land removed from the Warringah Biodiversity Conservation Study (which is what we want). Thank you Councillor De Luca!

Click here to see Councillor De Luca's Notice of Motion

Outcome: The Mayor ruled Councillor De Luca's motion out of order because it did not contain costings.


Councillor Laugeson put forward a Notice of Motion to make adjustments to Council's Community Consultation procedures (which is what we want). Thank you Councillor Laugeson!

Click here to see Councillor Laugeson's Notice of Motion 

Outcome: They did not get to this item because they ran out of time 


Warringah's Biodiversity Conservation Study

Warringah Council has a Biodiversity Conservation Study out for Public Comment. This study applies Conservation ratings to Private land. We disagree that any conservation ratings should be applied to private land without a thourougher and accruate evaluation of each parcel of land.

Click on the "Warringah Conservation Study" Menu about to find out more information about this, or click here.


Brad Hazzard sAVES THE DAY (TWICE)


The Warringah LEP 2009 (now named Warringah LEP 2011) was “made” (ie made into Law by the Minister for Planning, Brad Hazzard) on 9 December 2011. The localities of Oxford Falls Valley (B2) and Belrose North (C8) have been deferred, meaning that they remain as there were under LEP 2000. Thank you Minister Hazzard! 


To see a map of what areas have been deferred click here.


To see Warringah Council’s information on the LEP click here


There are a small number of landowners in Terrey Hills and Ingleside that ended up being zoned E3. We continue to pursue this issue with Brad Hazzard, Jonathon O'Dea (Member for Davidson) and Rob Stokes (Member for Pittwater). We have written to the Minister for Planning, Department of Planning and Warringah Council requesting community involvement with both the process of formulating the Scope of Works and the management of the Strategic Review itself. We believe the Strategic Review should be carried out by a committee with representatives from: 

  • Warringah Council
  • Department of Planning
  • Residents and land owners in the affected area

We also believe that once the scope of the review has been agreed to by all parties, the Strategic Review itself should be undertaken by an independant consulting firm agreed to by all parties.

This would ensure that the community’s concerns regarding the transparency of the planning process have been embraced and that your government is engaging residents and land owners.


WUFA has written to the Department of Planning and Warringah Council requesting Community Involvement in the Strategic Review: 

Click here to see the letter we wrote to Warringah Council about the Strategic Review process

Click here to see Warringah Council's response to the above letter 


Click here to see the letter we wrote to the Department of Planning about the Strategic Review process

Click here to see the Department of Planning's response to the above letter

The meeting scheduled for 2 May 2012 in the above letters has been postponed.


Brad Hazzard sAVES THE DAY (AGAIN) 


On 12 March 2012, Minister Hazzard wrote to the Mayor of Warringah telling him to consult with the community over the E3 Strategic Review. Thank you Minister Hazzard!

We are very appreciative to have Minister Hazzard's assistance!

It is unfortunate that because Warringah Council is behaving badly, we need to keep being rescued by Brad Hazzard!