About WUFA


WUFA stands for Warringah Urban Fringe Association. 

The aim of this association is to protect the natural environment of the originally proposed E3 Area whilst ensuring that the land uses available to the land owners are either maintained or improved. The proposed E3 Area is the area that Warringah Council proposed zoning as Environmental Protection (E3) under draft LEP 2009 (Which is now law and is called LEP2011).

This association is open for membership by anyone who owns land in the proposed E3 area. To become a member of the association, please send us an email. 

This organisation was formed as a result of a community meeting that was held on Wednesday 27 July 2011. The "More Information" menu has details about the meeting and the issues. 


Membership Information


This association is open for membership by anyone who owns land in the proposed E3 area in WLEP 2011. The cost on annual membership is $10. To join the association, send an email to the president (email address below).


Who is the President of the Association?

Dr James Linklater OAM is the current President of the association.


Frequently asked questions

Q. If I join the association what is my maximum liability to the association?

A. Your liability is limited (by clause 9 of the constitution) to the amount owing in respect of membership (currently $10 for an individual).


Q. Is the Association able to take legal action in it's own right?

A. Yes. The advantage of incorporating an Association is that the Association can take legal action in its own right, in much the same way as a company can take legal action.


Q. Will I be required to contribute to the cost if any legal action taken by the Association?

A. No. All funding for any legal action will come from voluntary contributions.


Contact Us

How do I contact the Warringah Urban Fringe Association Inc.?

Warringah Urban Fringe Association Inc,

Dr James Linklater OAM Ph: 0407 249 214

To send the President an email click here